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  What Is The ISIS Wheel?

What is the ISIS Model?

What Is The ISIS Wheel 1ISIS is an acronym for Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality. Isis is the Egyptian goddess known as the Initiator into the Sexual Mysteries.

The ISIS Model of Sexual Experience is a template of sexual awareness and growth. It is based on the Medicine Wheel, an ancient concept which is unique in that it has a spiritual dimension in addition to physical and behavioral dimensions.

The ISIS Wheel offers a graphic presentation of four dimensions of sexual experience: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It serves as a cognitive frame for organizing and categorizing complex information about sexuality including desire, function and dysfunction, partner preference, gender issues, affairs, anxiety, and other issues people might have.

The ISIS Wheel can be used with individuals, couples, or in a group setting and can be integrated with any therapeutic approach.

What Is The ISIS Wheel 2The ISIS Model was developed by Gina Ogden PhD. author of The Heart and Soul of Sex, Women Who Love Sex and The Return of Desire. She conducted the first nationwide survey on integrating sexuality and spirituality (ISIS) to challenge the performance-oriented norms established by Kinsey and other sex researchers.

I studied with Gina Ogden at an international workshop in 2009. With her encouragement and under her supervision, I adapted her five-day ISIS workshop model for use in one and a half to three hour sessions with individuals and couples.

What is the ISIS Wheel 3The ISIS model has allowed me to guide the clients in my private practice to take ownership of their own healing and has invited them to disclose multidimensional information in a concrete way.

I am able to use the ISIS wheel to help clients with issues ranging from sexuality to anxiety, eating and weight, family of origin, depression, parenting and numerous other struggles.

I have continued to stay in mentorship with Dr. Ogden and have had the great honor to assist her in several Return To Desire and Expanding Sex Therapy workshops at Esalen in 2011 and 2012.

What Is The ISIS Wheel 4I am now conducting my own workshops to share the beauty and magic I experienced running ISIS workshops with Gina.

For more detailed information about the ISIS Model please visit Gina Ogden's web site: www.expandingsextherapy.com

For more information about the goddess ISIS: http://www.goddess.com.au/goddesses/Isis.htm

The pictures included are examples of what the ISIS wheel looks like during a workshop or therapy session.

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